Doing Indy – Broad Ripple: Nightlife


Broad Ripple Village has a great assortment of shopping and a vast array of dining, but in this cultural district, when the sun goes down and the lights come up, it has one of the most electric nightlife scenes Indy has to offer.

But it’s not just all about the dance clubs in Broad Ripple. My first goal was to have a few chuckles and I found more than a few at Crackers Comedy Club.

After laughing until my sides hurt – really I did – I wanted to seek out some great live music, and in Broad Ripple, that is not a hard thing to find. It seems everywhere you look there is live music playing, but tonight it was off to the Vogue, which brings in national touring acts like tonight’s band, “Here Come the Mummies.”

So, “laughs” – check, “live music” – check, what else is there to do in Broad Ripple? Oh yeah! The clubs! If you are the in mood for dance clubs, Broad Ripple has you covered. Places like The Red Room, Mineshaft, Landsharks, and Peppers keep the party going all night long. But Broad Ripple also offers some great chill places like Brothers and OPT’s. So, if you are looking for the disco lights or just looking for a game of pool, this cultural district can suit your needs.

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