Why Mass Ave Is Friendly

Whenever I’m with groups of friends who are not of the LGBT persuasion, I often hear people say “Isn’t Mass Ave a big gay area?” Since this is a blog for Indy visitors, allow me to clarify, Mass Ave is Indianapolis slang for Massachusetts Avenue, a wonderful storefront and restaurant lined street that runs diagonally through the east part of downtown Indianapolis.

There are a few LGBT venues, but it’s really a wonderful and friendly mix of unique options. Whether you’re gay or straight, here’s how one might spend a typical Saturday on Mass Ave:

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  • http://castrost.wordpress.com combscp

    I have to admit, I live in Virginia – a long way away from Indianapolis. But I loved reading about this place! Sounds awesome. If I’m ever in the area I’ll have to check it out.

    • http://savionline.wordpress.com Jason Gloye

      Awesome! That only touches the surface of Mass Ave, so if you ever do visit (and you should) let us know what you think:)

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