Head Downtown for a Much Needed Staycation

Selling your soul for a gallon of gas. Bills. Random things popping up like a your nephew’s graduation or that tin of popcorn you ordered from a little girl two months ago. Dinner because you’re too tired to cook or groceries because you’ve been eating out to much. Bridal books and magazines to help you plan the “most beautiful and elegant wedding on a budget.”

I did go to Las Vegas for my “Dirty 30″ earlier this year, but I’m in desperate need of a vacation. Judging by the above list, you can see that I have lots of things to pay for, so I really can’t afford to go on a vacation.

I’ve always thought the concept of a “staycation” was fiscally  clever but I’d never taken advantage of it. Until now.

Think about it. I’m sure you have driven downtown Indianapolis and thought “That hotel looks lovely. I wonder what the rooms look like.” or “What a fancy restaurant. I’d love to eat there one day.”

I had my chance and it was great! I never thought I’d be so excited to leave my apartment and drive 20 minutes to the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Ever the over-packer, I made sure I was set for a cozy night in a super large bed that was comfortable and very difficult to leave the  next morning.

I would have loved to explored, but honestly, I was perfectly happy settling into the room (meaning seeing all the cool miniature items provided and checking out the bathroom), heading downstairs to the restaurant for chicken tenders and quesadillas and back upstairs for a night of TV watching- which made for an ultimate staycation.

Simply not being in my apartment was good enough for me, but if you want to get out and see downtown Indianapolis, there’s plenty to do that’s only a short walk or cab ride away. Go shopping at Circle Centre Mall and take in a play at the Indiana Repertory Theatre. Or if you want to keep a low profile, have dinner at St. Elmo Steak House and head back to your hotel for good night’s rest.

Check out my pics from my night of relaxation.

Outside of your hotel room at the Crowne Plaza you can "catch the train." (The hotel used to be Indy's Union Station)

The perfect room for a weekend getaway!

This is going to be the best night ever!

Bed angel


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