Oh, Oh the Northside Nights

One of the things my wife and I most look forward to when we go on vacation is figuring out where we’re going to eat. It’s exciting to have a brand new slate of options to choose from and we do our research ahead of time to see what the locals recommend. Every city has its gems and we set out determined to find them.

Try some fondue at The Melting Pot

In Indianapolis we’ve got a great culinary landscape that seems to grow and change on a consistent basis. Just when Laura and I think we’re getting a grasp on it, we find out about a place we’ve never even heard of to try on our next date.

No matter if you’re an Indy resident looking to branch out or a visitor looking for advice, I highly recommend getting out during the Northside Nights Restaurant Week, September 6-18. Put on by the Indianapolis restaurant Association, implementing the same formula as its ever-popular Devour Downtown, the nearly two-week event features a smattering of northside restaurants offering special prices of either 2 for $30 or $30 per person for three-course meals.

To preview the event, my wife and I got to take part in a progressive dinner that included appetizers at Scotty’s Brewhouse, a main course at Sullivan’s Steakhouse and dessert at The Melting Pot. To say we left the final restaurant full would be an understatement! The food at all three was delectable, and there are many more on the list of participating restaurants we’re looking forward to.

Fried pickles at Scotty's -- One of my favorite apps in town

If you live in Indy, get out and support some local restaurants while also expanding your horizon. If you’re visiting, take this opportunity to try some of our best restaurants at a discount.

What restaurant on the list are you most looking forward to?

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  • Nathan Miller

    Nice article and very hip to highlight such a great tradition on the Northside! But if and when we get a chance we want to get the chance to check out the newly revamped Snooty Fox, after it was highlighted on the food network on Robert Irvine’s Restaurant Impossible!

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