ICVA Pumpkin Contest 2011

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The annual Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association Pumpkin Contest has begun.

Last year’s contest had some pretty fierce competition and this year’s entries are no different. Each department entered their own pumpkin into the competition and the winner will be decided by an impartial judge. HOWEVER, online opinion is equally important, so we want to get your votes as well! Comment below on which pumpkin you think should win.

1. Sales – The obvious, yet creative “Heads in Beds” Pumpkin

2. Operations – “Operation (s)” Pumpkin

3. Marketing & Communications –  The award-winning “Sun King” Pumpkin

4.  Services/Housing Department- The “Hoo-Hoo-(Leonard) Hoops” Pumpkin

Which pumpkin has YOUR vote? Tell us below.

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  • Zach Rutledge

    I say Sun King! =^D

  • Anne

    Hands down the Sales department blew it out of the water with their creativity and attention to detail!

  • Evan Strange

    Sun King. No doubt.

  • JFray

    no contest. Operations.

  • Mary Linda

    The highly skilled “Operations Team” has my vote!

  • M

    Operation(s) went right for the funny bone… should win.

  • Sandra Johnson

    The Heads In Beds is the winner, no doubt about it!!!

  • Michele

    Operations all the way

  • Scott


  • Michele

    Operations all the way!

  • Rebecca

    I want my mommy and her coworkers to win. I love the game operation and my mom works for operations. They should win.

  • Kimble

    Casting my vote for operations entry!

  • Bob Desautels

    The Servicing Department Wins my vote. Whooo else would you vote for?

  • JT

    Who who who should win?! Services and housing that is hoooo!

  • Ileah

    Sales, duh!

  • US Travel delegate in Ft. Worth

    Operation Hoops shows originality, creativity and clearly is the pumpkin of choice!

  • Matt

    Operations is the obvious choice among an outstanding field of choices. Now let’s book the IPCA convention! HOO? International pumpkin Carvers Assn!

  • Pete

    The Ho0-Hoo pumpking. What artistry!What creativity! It’s just plain owlishly clever!!!!

  • Michelle

    Operations has my vote!

  • Jeff

    If it was a kissing up to the boss contest any of three could win, but for pure pumpkin artistry you have to go with the Sun King!

    • Evan Strange

      So true.

    • JFray

      I don’t think we need to remind anyone about last years competition do we?..

  • Steven

    Operations for sure! That was funny!

  • Kayla Larson


  • http://www.visitindy.com Schnette Queisser

    Clearly the Sales department!

  • Elizabeth Carter


  • Shannon Swalls

    My vote is for SALES — HEADS IN BEDS!!!!!

  • jay

    DC Remote’s Say “S-A-L-E-S” THE BEST!!!

  • Michelle

    I Vote for Heads in Beds…definitely over the “not so” award winning Marketing Pumpkin

  • Nora

    I was lucky enough to see them all in person…if I absolutely had to pick, I’d choose Operation.

  • Nick Phil


  • Katelin


  • Andy

    Heads In Beds is the winner, no doubt, its mind blowing.

  • Jeff Downer Indianapolis

    Hoops has my vote. After all this is Indiana.

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