Win 2 VIP Tickets to Indy Fringe

You’ve already heard how weird and wonderful the Indianapolis Fringe Theatre Festival is. You know that soon, more than 336 performances will take place in seven of Indianapolis’ most intimate and unique theaters clustered around the Mass Ave cultural district downtown. Maybe you’re like me and you’ve already got your program marked up with your must-see shows.

What’s missing? Tickets, of course!

Win two VIP tickets to Indy Fringe!

Tickets are $10 for each hour-long show, which is a steal, but when you realize that you and your plus one want to see ten or twenty shows, all those cheap tickets can add up in a hurry. So what’s a theater lover to do? Win some swag.

We’re giving away two sets of two VIP tickets. These beauties will get you into any and all shows you want to see during Fringe. Experiment with that one-man show. Take a chance on that zany comedy performance. See if that drama is as tear-jerking as it looks.

Here’s how to win: In the comments below, tell us what show you’re most looking forward to seeing during Fringe. You can find a full listing and descriptions here. We’ll choose two winners by random draw at 9:00 a.m. Friday, August 17, the first night of regular Fringe performances. If you’re a lucky winner, you’ll be ready to engage on a ten-day theatrical odyssey of epic proportions.

Even if you don’t win, make sure you check out all the Fringe Festival has to offer. It’s a truly unique and exuberant expression of arts and culture in Indianapolis. Don’t miss it. View the full schedule (PDF download), and I hope to see you at the Fringe.

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  • Chi Sherman

    I can’t wait to see “Sirens: Chasing the Sun” with
    my friends Kri and Hettie! :D

  • Hugh Vandivier

    I’m particularly excited to check out Lou Harry’s “Going…Going…Gone” as it sounds like a great setup. I’m also excited to see NoExit’s “I am Peter Pan.” That gang always does great work.

  • Brad Myers

    I’m really hoping to see Scott Long’s From Hipster to Dipster one man show! I’ve been following Scott for a long time on Facebook, but still haven’t seen his comedy in person!

    • Allison Carter

      Congrats, you’ve won! I’ll be sending along details about where to pick up your tickets soon. Have fun!

  • Kimsley Coe Farrar

    Do Re Mi Fa So Latino

  • Carrie

    I’d really like to see I Am Peter Pan! So many shows sound interesting, though!

  • Bill Hoff

    Iris and Rose – Wild and Thorny Sounds like a hoot!!!

  • Amity

    I am really looking forward to Victory?! It has received great reviews and Judy (the writer/ director/ performer) is a real peach.

  • randy clark

    Donating sperm to my sisters wife and Purrrrr lesque (Was that enough r’s?)

  • Sheila Lawless

    I’ve never been, so what a treat this would be!??! I could dip my toes in a little of everything!

  • S.Anaya

    For sure, Do Re Mi Fa So Latino!

  • Andy Hollandbeck

    I would have to go see “School House Wrong To!” I’m not sure whether it’s supposed to be comedy or horror, though.

  • Jen Nickels

    I want to see Purrrrr-lesque!, Screw you Nancy Drew, Brad Hinsahw, You Ruin Everything, Dracula Panto, & Cinderella: A Far-Fetched Fairy Tale Opera!!! PLEASE!

  • Eddie

    Might have to wait until tonight’s Preview Party to see what’s good, but Phil Van Hest & Schoolhouse Wrong To! are probably must-sees.

  • Eric

    I’m excited to see JFK vs. The UnDead, because I have no idea how the show’s going to go, AND I LOVE zombie shows! I’m also excited for Left Right TIM Presents: Summerpocalypse, because I’ve never heard of it and for it to be an hour-long improv show based on audience suggestions…the show can be as crazy and exciting as us (the audience) imagine/suggest it to be! Sounds AWESOME!!! Can’t wait…

  • The Rhiannon Zone

    I’ve never been to an event like this before, I’m wondering if it would rekindle my long-lost love of being involved in theatre. Plus it would be a great birthday present to myself. The Blue Monkey Sideshow presents “New Blue”, Purrrrrr-lesque!, Bonnie Bitchʼs OBEY! are just a few of the many shows relavant to my interests.

    • Allison Carter

      Congrats, you’ve won! I’ll be in touch soon with information on how to pick up your tickets. Can you please follow me on Twitter (@AllisonLCarter) and DM me your full name and I’ll get you details on where to pick them up. Thanks!

  • Nicole Brock

    There are so many! Definitely want to fit in Schoolhouse Wrong To; DK’s Super Soul; and Going, Going, Gone.

  • Martine

    Ohhh so many choices, so little time. I am looking forward to it all and being surrounded by my people, the weird, the wonderful, the artistic, the divine.

  • Anthony

    I’ve never been to Indyfringe, but planning on checking it out this year. After looking at the shows, i’d want to see Going…Going…gone and jfk vs the undead.

  • Tonya Stanfield

    I cannot wait to see Best of Super Soul: DK does Motown on Tuesday evening at TOTS!! I would love the opportunity to see more shows as well!!

  • Debra Tate

    That’s a tough one, such a good line up. Will start with – lashes off…songs of sex,secrets & stripping