Visit Indy Pumpkin Contest 2012

The holidays are all about traditions and at Visit Indy Halloween means one thing – pumpkin contest time! For years we’ve pitted department against department in a battle of creativity to see who can come up with the most unique concept/design for their pumpkin.

Here are links to what our staff has come up with in previous years: 201120102009.

The competition is fierce. It isn’t unusual to hear whispers of tampering and espionage. The title of champion is a coveted and as you’ll see we take our pumpkins seriously. We had an official judge weigh in (I cannot disclose results yet) but we want to hear who you think is the winner! Comment below and we’ll tally up the “People’s Champion” at the end of the day.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Visit Indy!

1. Housing Team – Indy View-master

This masterful design started with a paper towel roll and evolved into what you see here. A photo doesn’t do justice to the creativity. Aside from an awesome paint job, if you look inside the pumpkin you get a view of Monument Circle that includes lighting effects!

2. Marketing Communications Team – Fall in LOVE with Indy

Drawing inspiration from one of Indy’s most inspirational places, this pumpkin is an homage to Robert Indiana’s original LOVE sculpture on the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. With leaves cut from the pumpkin sky floating around it, this design is a seasonal masterpiece.

3. Services Team: Sweet Treats and the Senior Citizen

A team of ladies, and their ever so wise man, concocted this tribute to team unity and a familial approach to servicing our convention and meetings clients. This basket of treats is surrounded by baby pumpkins replete with faces representing each team member. Whoever said bribery didn’t get you places never met our Services Team.

4. Sales Team: Just Pop In!

From the team charged with bringing meeting planners from around the globe to Indianapolis comes this unique take on a FAM (Familiarity) Visit. In partnership with local popcorn purveyor Just Pop In! this unique design is bursting with sights this group loves to showcase – from our hotels and convention center to the city skyline!

5. Partnership/Travel Team: Chris Gahl, Pumpkin

This lifelike replica of Visit Indy’s own Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Chris Gahl, is stunningly accurate. From the hair gel and tooth paste protruding from his pocket to the iPhone in his hand, this pumpkin that is ready to produce results.

6. Operations Team: Haunted House Divided

Just in time for the election comes a pumpkin design that would nauseate Rush Limbaugh and Rachel Maddow alike. This bipartisan pumpkin puts an even scarier twist on a campaign season that has been plenty frightful. Whether you’re right, left or somewhere in the middle, you will get a chill from this pumpkin.

There you have it. Cast your vote using the comments section below.

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  • Krysten

    Number 4

  • Services

    The clear winner is the services pumkin: Sweet Treats and The Senior Citizen

  • Ben

    Number 2! Nice job everyone, they look great!

  • Tania

    They’re all so wonderful but if I had to choose, I’d pick the second one! Good job, everyone!

  • Meg Liffick Ball

    The folks here at the IMA are big fans of #2!!!

  • Taylor

    Marketing/communications by a landslide!

  • Zmoney

    Carving skill goes a long way! #2 gets my vote!

  • Claire

    Number 5!

  • Jon

    Number 3, all the way!

  • vfc

    #2 is the best

  • Nancy

    I vote for the lifelike replica of Chris Gahl (and when you are finished with it, may I please

    have it? As his mother, I’d like to have him around the house again!. (o: )

  • Lynda

    #2 – Marketing & Communications definitely!

  • Evan Strange

    No doubt about it, Partnership dominated.

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