Art Paints White River State Park

As our city—or better yet, our canvas, grows, murals and sculptures continue to bloom in some pretty spectacular locations. Take White Rive State Park, for example. The Park, which is located on 250 acres of green space along the White River, is a hot spot for a permanent and temporary art collection.

During a visit to the Park, you can’t miss The Tent, a 43 foot tall and 14 foot wide wind activated sculpture built from tubular stainless steel. The sculpture has nearly 500 panels of polished stainless steel, each of which is painted a different color. The Tent, which is a tribute to community and volunteer spirit during the annual 500 Festival’s first 50 impactful years, perfectly frames our city’s skyline.

White River State Park’s Historic Old Washington Street Pedestrian Bridge serves its purpose physically and metaphorically. The bridge allows you to safely cross the river and enjoy the ever-changing art collection that lines its center, as well as a unit to “bridge” together a series of museums that house some pretty impressive collections.

Here’s a glance at some of the current events within the park:

Eiteljorg Museum is hosting an exhibit, National Geographic Greatest Photographs of the American West, which features the best images published by National Geographic in its 125-year history.

Indiana State Museum will host Steele Concealed, Mysteries Revealed from Saturday, Nov. 9 to Tuesday, April 23. See this newly discovered painting next to the one it was hidden beneath for 86 years after the death of Indiana artist T.C. Steele.

 NCAA Hall of Champion’s A Student-Athlete’s Journey to the Gold opens today through Monday, Dec. 31. The exhibit is a great opportunity to learn about former collegiate student-athletes who contributed to Olympic history this summer in London.

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