We Feel the Need – the Need for Speed

As home to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, its no wonder Indy is known as the Racing Capitol of the World. But fast cars and adrenaline-packed thrills aren’t confined to the month of May in Indianapolis, and we here at Visit Indy have the proof.

After a recent planning meeting, the Visit Indy Marketing team went to Fast Times Karting to blow off some creative steam. After splitting into two groups, the team raced against the clock, and each other.

The Agency Means Business

Unlike the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Fast Times is not your typical “turn left, drive fast” run-of-the-mill track. As the only two-level go karting track in the Midwest, Fast Times offered a challenging set of twists and turns that kept us on our toes (and in some cases, against the wall).

Fast Times is the perfect place for convention groups, teams and parties. With a full-service lounge and friendly staff, Fast Times can easily accommodate groups as small as eight and as large as 200. And for those adrenaline junkies who work on the Northside, Fast Times also offers an incredible midday deal: race and eat for only 20 bucks. Certainly not your average lunch break!

If you do make it over to Fast Times, I wish you better luck than I had. As the only participant to crash, I also endured the slowest lap of the day. Let’s just say you won’t see me racing around the famous 500 oval anytime soon.

For those of you who are curious, here are the day’s final results:

1. Chris Gahl
2. Kenny Brown
3. Jeff Robinson
4. Christine Beyer
5. Morgan Greenlee
6. Lisa Wallace
7. Janet Moritz
8. Michelle Trowbridge
9. Lara Neal

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  • http://doingindy.com/ Jeff Robinson

    Hold the presses! The “results” you list show who got the fastest single lap. It does not appropriately showcase the racer who achieved the fastest average lap speed. That would be Jeff Robinson. As you know if you’ve watched our legendary Indy 500, it is not the driver who has one great lap that wins the race. Rather, it is the driver who can put a complete race together.