Dinner & A Show: Tastings and The House That Jack Built

Dinner, by Sara Croft

Downtown Indianapolis is becoming crowded with visitors as the holiday season begins, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a quiet, reserved spot to relax in while enjoying a view of the city. With comfy chairs and an eclectic mix of jazz, soul and downtempo music, Tastings has just that.

Voted best wine bar by Metromix in 2010, Tastings offers more than 100 wines by the taste, glass or bottle. Tuesday’s special is ½ price glasses, so Allison and I decided to visit Tastings to enjoy a glass of wine and a light dinner before an evening show of The House That Jack Built at the Indiana Repertory Theatre.

From tapas to flatbread pizzas and cheese plates, the menu at Tastings is balanced between appetizers and full entrees, making it a versatile location that will please a variety of appetites. A long list of blue cheese, gouda, and aged cheddar with salami and prosciutto can be combined for a cheese plate with endless options. Allison was eyeing two pizzas and couldn’t decide between them, so I ordered one and she got the other – the White Pizza and Antipasto Pizza. Both were just the amount of food for a light dinner, and we were served quickly. If planning an evening at the theater, symphony or you just need a break from holiday shopping, consider cozying up to a big red chair, a glass of wine and an appetizer at Tastings.

…and a show, by Allison Carter

The House That Jack Built is deceptive. The basic plot is simple. Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Dysfunctional family gathers for Thanksgiving and learns through laughter and heartache and pain to see past their differences and love again. But it’s rarely that simple in real life, and it’s not that simple in the play. It’s ultimately about the empty spaces tragedy leaves between family members. It raises more questions than it answers, as good plays do. Can those empty spaces ever be filled? Maybe, maybe not. But it’s always worth trying.

Straddling the line between comedy and drama, the cast of The House That Jack Built has a tough task. The entire show hinges on their ability to make us believe they are a family. Without that rapport, they’ve got nothing. Happily, the small, tight cast of five is up to the task, showing real chemistry and speaking volumes with sidelong glances and familiar touches. It’s easy to believe these people are a real family, with all the challenges and joys that brings with it.

Written by Playwright-in-Residence James Still, The House That Jack Built further cements the Indiana Repertory Theatre’s commitment to bringing groundbreaking works to the stage alongside beloved classics like the forthcoming A Christmas Carol. You’ve still got time to catch The House That Jack Built during its world premier run now through November 25. For more information or for tickets, visit IRTLive.org.

Disclosure: Our tickets were provided courtesy the Indiana Repertory Theatre.


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