Sweet, Salty and Sinful – Bacon in Indianapolis

Many of you may be making your New Year’s resolution lists to “quit this or stop that” in order to lose weight, eat better or just live a more well-rounded lifestyle. I prefer Julia Child’s motto of “everything in moderation, even moderation,” because my weakness is bacon and I just don’t want to give it up. Thankfully, Indianapolis is full of restaurants that embrace this salty, fatty treat.

Bacon flight at The Libertine – Can you say no to food that is served in a goblet? I can’t. This bacon is meant to be used as a vessel for three dipping sides: pesto, pickled carrots and spicy goat cheese. Enjoy the bacon flight as you sip on one of the many intricate cocktails that The Libertine is known for. I bet the staff can even recommend a cocktail that pairs well with bacon, although I find bourbon and bacon to be a perfect pair. Walk in for an after-work or late night treat.

Omelets at Cafe Patachou – Breakfast is one of my favorite meals that I prefer to eat at any time of day, not just at 7 a.m. While I’m not an egg-eater myself, I’ve heard about (and seen) the huge omelets that Cafe Patachou is known for. These fluffy eggs can be filled with pretty much anything you can imagine, but let’s face it, you really can’t read the menu without pausing on “The Omelette You Can’t Refuse.” Big, thick pieces of bacon are cooked into these omelets, and every bite includes a piece. Cheddar cheese, sour cream and potatoes mean this omelet may become your new favorite breakfast.

Bacon at Hoaglin To GoHoaglin To Go – If a restaurant puts bacon on a plate and serves it by itself,  you know they’re proud of their bacon. Thick cut applewood smoked bacon (to be exact) can be ordered from Hoaglin To Go. A little sweet, a little smoky, these lean pieces will fill you up on their own. Trust me, I would eat a plate of Hoaglin’s bacon every day for breakfast if my arteries would allow it.

Bacon on a pizza from Hot Box and Thr3e Wise Men – Pizza is such a versatile food, and I find that you really can’t go wrong with bacon as a topping. Marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese pair so well with bacon, but oftentimes I’ve found that some pizzeria’s just don’t give bacon the attention it needs. When I moved into my new house, the first thing I had for dinner was a pizza from Hot Box. It was covered in tiny crumbles of bacon. You could barely see the cheese underneath! Thr3e Wise Men slices big chunks of bacon to their pizza, honoring it like the shining star it is. It’s smoky and lean, so you don’t have little grease pools on your pizza.

Porkorn from Just Pop In – Popcorn, with bacon? Yes, it can be done, and the ladies at Just Pop In figured out how to do it without overwhelming your palate. Teaming up with Smoking Goose Meatery for the bacon, Porkorn is a little spicy, very cheesy and has the smoky and salty bacon flavor. All of those flavors meddle in your mouth as you enjoy a bag (after bag after bag) of this delicious treat!

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