Queen of the Cupcake: Indianapolis’ Best Bakeries

Nutty Nutella, Pumpkin Patch, Caramel Apple Spice, & Katie's Caramel Coffee Mocchiatto at the Flying Cupcake.  #nomnomnom

Nutty Nutella, Pumpkin Patch, Caramel Apple Spice, & Katie’s Caramel Coffee Mocchiatto at The Flying Cupcake. #nomnomnom

Let it be known, let it be said that yours truly has a wee bit of a royal weakness.  You see I am partial to bits of cake.  And I have been known to walk MILES just to snag a sweet morsel.  Upon our 10th Anniversary, I convinced the King of Free to “crawl” through the streets of a neighboring midwest city from bakery to bakery to bakery just to sample cupcakes.  And I have had similar adventures in the greater Indianapolis area {although they did involve a car and fewer blisters on my feet}.  So without further ado, here’s where you can get a fantastic cupcake in the Circle City.

The Flying Cupcake.  With its shabby chic decor and speciality flavors galore, nothing cheers me on a down day like a bite from this cupcake speciality shop.  With four locations and Petunia {Mobile Cupcakes, say what?!}, you’re sure to find a delicious dessert no matter what side of the city you visit.  Both vegan and gluten-free options allow you to feed a cupcaker who might have special snacking needs.

Holy Cow Cupcakes.  Located in Carmel, just north of downtown Indianapolis, you’ll find this wonderful local cupcakery stocked with original flavors that will have you exclaiming the sacredness of bovines.  My favorite flavors are Maple/Bacon {I know sounds odd at first but think pancakes and bacon} and Chocolate Cookie Dough with Cookie Dough Buttercream.  YUM-o.

Goodie’s CupCakery.  This shop is my rookie favorite.  I’ve sampled their goodies only once or twice, but it’s enough to guarantee that I’m hoping my Valentine scores me 1/2 a dozen next month.  Daily delectable flavors vary at this shop south of Indianapolis in New Whiteland.  The Pumpkin Pie was a yummy fall favorite for me.  From the Grasshopper to Butterfinger and even a cupcake to celebrate the nearest high school with every flavor in between, you won’t be disappointed to give this delicious destination a whirl.  Bonus: Homemade Poptarts {wrap your mind around that one}, Truffles, and Cinnamon rolls.

Gigi’s Cupcakes.  The only chain to make the list, Gigi’s flavors are varied and drool-worthy.  Plus recently they’ve added Cheesecake Cupcakes that would make a Golden Girl swoon.  Gigi’s is the perfect place to take a shopping snacking break from the Fashion Mall at Keystone.

While known more for their doughnuts and long johns, southside bakeries Boyden’s Bakery and Long’s Bakery, both deliver an amazing cupcake, too.  They might not have the variety of the flavors above; however, if you’re feeding a hungry troop you might find some options for the non-cupcaking crowd, too.

Where’s your favorite place in Indy to snag a bit o’ cake?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/nathan.miller.14224094 Nathan Miller

    Circle City Sweets in the City Market may have one of Indys finest pastry Chefs in the City. Chef Cindy Hawkins is really doing things down there

    • http://www.queenoffree.net/ Queen of Free

      Awesome! We shall have to check it out. Thanks for the tip.

  • http://jeffdownerbailbonds.com/ Jeff Downer Indianapolis IN

    There is a new bakery called Tasty’s on Main Street in Beech Grove. Great stuff and a real variety of cupcakes.

    • http://www.queenoffree.net/ Queen of Free

      Yay! Another to add to my list. :) Thanks for the suggestion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/roberta.tisdul Roberta Tisdul

    I am a self proclaimed “cake snob” and having tried cupcakes at 3 of the places you listed, I will admit they are pretty good and could rank in my top 5, but the best cake & cupcake in town (albiet it’s actually not in Indy), is Heavenly Sweets Cake in Noblesville. It’s a drive but well worth it and thankfully they started up a food truck by the name of Lil Bit last year.