This Little (Indy) Piggie Goes to Market

In Indianapolis, you don’t have to settle for big chain grocery stores. There are plenty of options for you to find locally-grown produce and meats, and your decision may even lead you to find things you’d never heard or seen of before. Get to know Indianapolis through your senses with these delicious marketplaces.

Georgetown Market – 4 words: Best Bison Burger Ever. Of course, you can buy the grocery items you need to make the burger from the market, or you can walk up to the counter where you can order a number of sandwiches, salads, pizzas and specialty drinks from the chalkboard menu that changes daily. Georgetown Market is great if you’re looking for specific items that you may not find at Kroger or Marsh, like unique produce, soy milk and homeopathic medicine. Since 1973, Georgetown Market has been a health food staple in Indianapolis.

Sakura Mart – I needed mirin, a sweet rice wine, for an asian bar-b-q recipe, and Sakura Mart was the only place I could find it. Find fresh asian produce like ginger and bok choy, or pick up any one of the numerous pre-made marinades and sauces for stir-fry’s. Don’t be overwhelmed by the many kinds of noodles – you can’t go wrong with any of them. Need some inspiration to get you cooking? Head over to Sakura, located right behind the mart, and order a few sushi rolls or entree stir-frys. That is, if you can get in – Sakura is one popular hot spot!

Duck, port and pear sausages

Duck, port and pear sausages

Goose the Market - One of the most well-known markets in Indianapolis, Goose the Market is more than just a fruit and vegetables kind of place. In fact, it’s more NOT fruits and vegetables than it is. Consider it an upscale meat market, providing you with items that you can’t find anywhere else. I’ve ordered duck, port and pear sausage and even live lobsters from Goose. Walk downstairs to find wine and beer for carry-out and select items like black sea salt or crazy pasta shapes, or find a spot on one of the long tables to enjoy your batali sandwich of spicy coppa, soppressata, capocolla and provolone with hot giardinara.

Kale, cone cabbage and rainbow carrots

Kale, cone cabbage and rainbow carrots

Indianapolis City Market – I’ve been impressed with the City Market since the first day I stepped inside. You may have walked in to grab a crepe for lunch from 3 Days in Paris, some fresh potato chips for an afternoon snack or maybe you got a pint at Tomilson Tap Room in an after-hours event. Make a visit on Saturday for the Indy Winter Farmer’s Market, where you can get everything from apples to swiss chard and rainbow carrots. When I go, I always stop by A Taste of Philly before I leave to get a braided pretzel with a side of honey and jalapeño mustard mixed together. There are just too many ways to enjoy the City Market!

Locally Grown Gardens – This beautifully-designed market is located next to the Monon on 54th street. Out front you’ll find whatever’s growing in season, like herbs or lettuce varieties, along with firewood for sale and signs telling you what’s cooking for lunch and dinner. Inside you’ll find handmade goods like marmalade, tomato sauce and breads, more produce and the large chalkboard “menu” of seasonal vegetables in Indiana. You’ll feel like you’re foretelling the future, but it’s really just their way of giving you a head’s up of when to find your favorite fruits and vegetables.

Good Earth – This has been one of my favorite health food markets before I even knew what health food was. My mom would take me with her on trips to Indianapolis, and I always got to pick out a snack for the ride home. Natural fruit leather was also my choice, basically a Fruit Roll-Up without the added preservatives and sugars. At Good Earth you can find flours and grains in bulk, snacks like blue corn tortilla chips, meatless proteins, vegetables and vitamins. Be prepared to get up close and comfortable with your food – the tight isles are packed from floor to ceiling to provide you with as many options and varieties as possible.

Having trouble finding a specific item for a recipe? Call up any of these markets and get out there to shop!

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