4 Tips for An Affordable Date Night in Indy


Recently I was being interviewed about ways to have a great date without spending a ton of cash.  I reeled out my typical rejoinder of things like ordering ice water, going during the lunch hour when prices are cheaper, purchasing a bottle of wine to enjoy at home after your date rather than paying the same price for a couple glasses at a restaurant, spending only the change you find in your house and car, etc.  Most of you already know all of those tips.  It’s straight up amateur hour.  I wanted to focus in today and tell you how you can specifically save in Indy when it comes to date night.  While I am the Queen of Free, I know the value of investing in a relationship.  But you can still have a great time without breaking the bank.

1) Check the Visit Indy Free Events Calendar.  I’m not sure there’s a better place around that categorizes events to let you know what’s going on in Indianapolis at a glance.  You can categorize by Spectator Sports, Music, Theater, Dance, Film, and more but my favorite area is the Free Events section.  It’s a quick and easy way to see what you might be able to do without spending a dime.

2) Check out area Museums, Civic Organizations, High Schools, and Churches.  There are a number of free or well priced opportunities at all of the above.  From a BOGO opportunity at the IMAX to High School productions of broadway musicals, you can support a cause you believe in while having a great time.  I LOVE i heart my spouse and their great date ideas.  One of their upcoming events is a prom for married and engaged couples at the Conrad in downtown Indianapolis and tix are only $65/couple right now for dinner, dancing, fine dining, and more!

3) Enjoy the Great Outdoors.  I know, I know it’s a little chilly right now but nothing feels better than moving with your significant other.  Indianapolis has more beautiful trails and walkways than you can shake a stick at {or use a walking stick on}.  I’d love taking a stroll on the White River Canal more than any fancy pants date.  Keep it simple and walk together, both physically and metaphorically.

4) Dine Progressively, On the Cheap.  Instead of a typical date night where you go to one restaurant and park it for a couple of hours, turn your dining experience into an adventure.  Choose 1 place to have an appetizer {Check out Happy Hour deals!  I like the $2 Bar Menu at Mesh on Mass}, 1 place to have an entree {SO many places to choose from but a Bru Burger sounds delightful to me}, and 1 place to have dessert {$4.50 Elephant Ear at Thr3e Wisemen or a yummy cupcake somewhere}.  Set a budget before you go, spend cash, and split if you can to maximize your savings.

There you have it Money Saving Lords and Ladies, do your homework {the #1 way to overspend is not to have a plan} and have fun with your special lady or fella.  Indianapolis is an incredibly affordable town to have a great time on a date.

Where do you save on Date Night in Indy?

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