Locally Sourced Eats in Indianapolis for $10 and Under

When a restaurant states that their produce and meat are sourced locally, I tend to think that I’m going to have a higher bill. That’s not always the case in Indianapolis as there are plenty of restaurants with menus you’re tastebuds and wallet will approve of.

Sahm’s Place and Smoking Goose have some kind of bond between each other. Sahm’s features several dishes that mention the meatery’s name, such as the Italian Goose Sandwich that’s packed with Smoking Goose’s Capacollo, City Ham, shredded Romaine, mozzarella, parmesan vinaigrette, and muenster cheese grilled on homemade hoagie roll for $8.99. Over a dozen Indiana beers are on tap and pair perfectly with the sandwiches, flatbread pizzas and salads that can be ordered for less than $10.

Nicole Taylor's Pasta & MarketNicole Taylor’s Pasta & Market has a brick and mortar location on 54th Street just west of College Avenue, but you may have first seen Nicole Taylor’s pasta at the various farmer’s markets around the city. Walk into the store and you’ll find much more than pasta, such as soups, salads and panini’s that can be eaten there or packaged up to go. Over 30 types of pasta are handmade and come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Boxed pasta doesn’t compare to the fresh strands that Nicole Taylor’s offers, all well under $10 a bunch.

Napolese is the Artisanal Pizzeria by Patachou, offering affordable salads, soups, starters, and pizzas that can be easily shared between multiple people. What’s unique about Napolese (aside from their very locally focused menu) is the freestyle menu options, where you can choose from meats, eggs, cheese and vegetables in single orders of $3 and $4 so you can create your own dream plate. Smoking Goose, Local Folks Foods, Butler Campus Farms, and Fischer Farms are just a handful of the more than dozen vendors listed on Napolese’s menu. Check back frequently as the menu changes with the season and the available produce. * Look for a second location to open downtown next month at 30 South Meridian.

3 Sisters Cafe focuses on providing quality, local produce at minimal cost – almost everything is $10 and under.  Vegetarian and vegan folks will love how many hearty options cater to them like the Grilled Eggplant on a bun, Portabello Burger and the Spinach Melt. Even the salads are full of vegetables and fruits like edamame and cranberries. Meat eaters may want to order the D’Nai – slow-roasted fresh ham with low-country braised kale and pepper jack cheese on a French Roll, a sandwich so good it was featured on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives.

Fermenti Artisan is known for their cultured vegetables and drinks, but visit them inside the City Market and you’ll find that they offer sandwiches and soups that can be ordered to-go just like the jars or sauerkraut and Kombucha. It started in 2009 when the owners purchased an urban garden in Indianapolis and started growing their own foods in an effort to discover the healing powers that food can offer. Stop by and let Fermenti Artisan open your mind to how local, fermented food can offer extensive health benefits, all for mostly $10 and under.

Know of a restaurant boasting about where they source their produce or meat? Leave a comment on this post so we can get our own taste!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/nathan.miller.14224094 Nathan Miller

    Solid solid list and nice piece. I would add Chef Brad Gates and Gates Pantry in the City Market as a huge local user as well