An Evening with Coach Bob Knight

I grew up with Coach Bob Knight… sort of. Both of my parents went to Indiana University, and I have vivid memories of the rants and raves from them while we gathered around the television to watch the basketball game. Watching my parents was almost as riveting as watching Bob Knight on the court.

Coach Bob Knight in USA balconyCoach Bob Knight will be giving a lecture about his coaching career from start to present day at the Palladium on Friday, April 12 at 8pm. Knight lead Indiana University to three NCAA championships, one National Invitation Tournament championship and eleven Big Ten championships. During his tenure at Indiana University, his team had the highest graduation rate out of any NCAA team. That’s an accomplishment anyone can appreciate.

This aptly titled New York Times interview teases us on what we can expect from his Palladium lecture that covers all aspects of his career. Knight left an impression on Indiana, and we can all agree that his coaching skills were not just record-shattering but part of what made Indiana University basketball what it is today.

Tickets are on sale now, but act fast – last year’s event sold out! I highly suggest filling up at Matt the Miller’s Tavern prior to the lecture. Order their delicious hot pretzel bites and one of the many draft beers on tap.

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  • Jessica

    I went to IU when Bob Knight was coach. Those were the days!