Say Om: All Things Yoga in Indianapolis

While listening to NPR the other day, I heard a clinical psychologist discuss why the Millennial Generation is the most stressed out of any other age group. Why? Because not only do we have significant things to stress about (finding a job out of school and ultimately finding our identify), we know that stress is bad and therefore we stress even more!

This is one of the reasons why I started practicing yoga, an activity that emphasizes breathing, strength and looks at the entire body in a holistic manner. Luckily, there are many options in Indianapolis that will allow you to find the right teacher and the best gear.

Yoga MatIf you’re looking to sweat, try a Bikram or hot yoga class at one of almost one dozen locations in Indianapolis. Temperatures are usually between 95-100 degrees and poses tend to follow a vinyasa, or flow yoga practice. Both types of yoga are great for those with deeper practice. Unless you really enjoy the heat, it may be a distraction for those who need to focus on learning the poses before you sweat it out.

Most yoga practices offer various beginning through advanced yoga classes. I’m currently taking one at Santosha on the northside, and the instructor offers pose variations so that everyone in the same class can feel comfortable and challenged. My mother is a yoga teacher, however I can safely say that downward-facing dog is one of the few poses I know by name. If you’re like me, don’t fret – it doesn’t take long to learn and your body will thank you for it!

If you’re visiting Indianapolis and would like to drop-in to a yoga class, head to Invoke Studio or CityYoga, both conveniently located near downtown. Broad Ripple and northeast Indianapolis is home to The Yoga Studio, Yoga Monkey & Fitness, Art of Yoga, Santosha and Inner Peace Yoga. Each studio is a little different, so jump around to find the right practice for you.

Now that you know what you want to do, you need the gear. With the expansion of the Keystone Fashion Mall, there’s now a Lululemon, where you can find everything from yoga mats and headwear to pants, jackets and hoodies. Tomorrow is the grand opening of Athleta, also located in the Fashion Mall. This retail outlet will offer workout gear and clothing to take you from the gym to your date.

Do you have a yoga tip to share? Know of a serene outdoor location for springtime yoga in Indianapolis? Leave a comment below!

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