Food Trucks at Gen Con 2013

Food Trucks at Gen ConGeorgia Street had just been remodeled for Super Bowl 46 when Gen Con rolled into town last year. It was used for several food trucks to vend during the four-day event and was a huge success for visitors and residents alike. People coming from all over the world were given a taste of what Indianapolis chefs have to offer along with a convenient lunch and dinner option so that all they had to do was walk outside of the convention center and then get right back to gaming.

This year the food trucks are expanding from Georgia Street onto Illinois Street and Capitol Avenue. Sun King Brewing has their tapping party of Flagon Slayer, the official beer of Gen Con, today (5 pm-12 am) and many food trucks will be present.

Who can you expect to taste this year? Shifts will run today 5 pm-12 am, then rotate each day from 11 am-4 pm and 5 pm-12 am until Sunday in which the food trucks will close at 4pm. Food trucks are present at different days and times. See the schedule here and print a copy to have on hand at the event (note that this is subject to change).

Big Guys BBQ

Big Ron’s Bistro

Byrnes Grilled Pizza

Chef Dan’s Southern Comfort

Circle City Spuds

Cutie Pies Pizza

Der Pretzel Wagen


Edwards Drive In

GiGi’s Cupcakes

Gobble Gobble

Groovy Guys Fries

Gypsy Truck

Heavenly Sweets

Johnson’s BBQ

Kaffiene Coffee

KG Slider Station

Little Eataly

Mac Genie

Nacho Mama’s

Nicey Treat

Pho Mi

Pierogi Love

R&R Extreme Wings

Rollin Wit Da Roux

Scout’s Treats



Some of This Some of That

Soul Sista OTM


Sweet Jeanius

Taco Lassi

Tacos Without Borders

Talkin Turkey

Taste of Memphis

Taste the Caribbean

The Flavor Truck

The Flying Cupcake

The NY Slice

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  • Kathleen Slauzis

    Holy cow there are a lot of food trucks here in indy! :)