10 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month in Indy

Landmark for Peace

Landmark for Peace

1. Landmark for Peace

Designed by Greg Perry, who created the memorial in 1996 with sculptor Daniel Edwards, this artwork stands at 17th & Broadway. The location is significant because this is where Robert F. Kennedy, on April 4, 1968, delivered a speech memorializing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. after he was assassinated earlier that day.

2. Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant

Dive into authentic Ethiopian cuisine at Abyssinia. Located right in Indianapolis, Abyssinia is the only restaurant of its kind around. In Ethiopian culture, it is significant for people to eat from a “common plate,” so your dining experience will be no different. Not only will your friends and family share a common plate, you will also forego the use of silverware. All the food in Abyssinia is eaten with injera, which is a type of Ethiopian bread. The experience at Abyssinia is sure to be fun and unique.

3. Ruby Bridges at The Children’s Museum

Visit “The Power of Children: Making a Difference” exhibit at The Children’s Museum to learn how a first grade African-American girl persevered through harsh adversity as one of the first black students to be integrated into a white school system. Ruby was the only black student at her school and only student in her class. Her story is both inspiring and educational and demonstrates the challenges many African-American families faced integrating after segregation.

4. Art & Soul 2015

The 19th annual Art & Soul festival is a great way to celebrate Black History Month. Art & Soul is a celebration of African-American art and artists in Indiana. Throughout February, there will be free performances at the Indianapolis Artsgarden that will include improv, spoken word, dance, and more.

5. Sankofa Black Heritage Festival

The Indiana State Museum will be hosting the Sankofa Black Heritage Festival on February 7th from 11 am-3 pm. The festival will include dance, drumming, and demonstrations that celebrate African art, history, and culture. The celebration will include West African and African-American art and will be viewed from a Hoosier perspective.

6. Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (ISO) will be celebrating Black History Month by highlighting the contributions of African-American artists to the world of music with a free, general admission concert on February 10th. The ISO will be teaming up with guest conductor Chelsea Tipton II and the Voice of Light Choir from the Light of the World Christian Church located in Indianapolis to put on a show consisting of Edwin Hawkin’s “Oh Happy Day,” Quincy Jones’s “Hallelujah,” and more.

7. Jazz on the Avenue

Jazz on the Avenue is a long running program hosted at the Walker Theater. Madame C.J. Walker was born in New Orleans, which is well known for its vast contributions to jazz music. The Walker Theater puts on Jazz on the Avenue once every month. The performance during Black History Month is by Lonnie Lester on February 27. General admission is $10.

8. Stroll down Indiana Avenue

Indiana Avenue encompasses and celebrates Indianapolis’s rich African-American culture. Currently home to IUPUI’s campus and several medical establishments, the Indiana Avenue district used to play host to several jazz and art festivals in the 1920s and 1930s. Other things you will find on the avenue today that link it back to its roots include the previously mentioned Walker Theater, artworks celebrating its rich jazz history, and beautiful architecture including Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church and Crispus Attucks High School.

9. Visit the Crispus Attucks Museum

The Crispus Attucks Museum is located on Martin Luther King Jr. Street. The museum consists of four galleries and over 70 exhibits that celebrate the African-American experience. The exhibits range from student and school history to local, national, and international history. Admission to the museum is free and donations are welcome.

10. Good Hair Film Screening

The Indiana Historical Society is hosting a film screening for Chris Rock’s movie, Good Hair. In the movie, Chris Rock visits beauty salons, scientific laboratories, and Indian temples all in an attempt to answer his daughter’s question, “Daddy, how come I don’t have good hair?” The film features hair care professionals and celebrities including Ice-T and Reverend Al Sharpton. The film will be shown February 19th. Admission is $5 for IHS members and $8 for nonmembers.

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Planning Ahead for Gen Con 2015

It may only be January, but veteran Gen Con attendees know the benefits of planning ahead for Indianapolis’ largest convention of the year. When it comes to booking hotel rooms, planning your travel to and from the airport, and coordinating meal times at our Top 25 Local Restaurants, Visit Indy aims to make your stay as big of a success as your time spent in the gaming halls.

Preparing for Gen Con 2015

Here are a few things you need to know today to plan your trip:

1) Date Change – Gen Con is now two weeks earlier in the year, scheduled for Thursday, July 30 – Sunday, August 2.

2) Housing Block Reservations – Hotels will begin to take reservations for Gen Con on Sunday, January 25 starting at noon EST. Indianapolis has the most connected hotels with skywalks than any other convention facility in the United States, explaining one of the many reasons why the convention has been hosted in Indianapolis for several years. Booking a room at one of these hotels ensures you will have skywalk access to the convention center:

To view other Indianapolis hotel options, check out Gen Con’s hotel map here.

Gen Con veterans should note the new housing registration process. Housing access codes will no longer be available. According to Gen Con, “When Housing Registration opens at noon (Eastern) on Sunday January 25, all customers who have purchased eligible badges will be randomly entered into a queue and then given access to the Housing Portal, one at a time. This will distribute the high demand on the Housing Portal over approximately one-to-two hours, instead of a minute or two as in previous years.” To reserve a room, you must have an eligible Gen Con 2015 badge. All badges with the exception of child wristbands are eligible for housing registration. For more information about housing, including nightly minimum stays, read this 2015 Registration Updates newsletter from Gen Con and visit the attendee guide for housing and travel overviews. 

Gen Con and the Indianapolis hotels offer many ADA accessibility accommodations. To inquire about booking an accessible room, please call 317-688-1323 to make a reservation and ask questions. These rooms are not booked through the online process mentioned above.

3) Badge Reservations – Possibly the most important to-do item is to acquire your badge. Reservations start Friday, January 23 at noon EST. All badges must be purchased online through Gen Con’s website. The best badge for your buck is the 4-day $80 pass, which increases to $90 if purchased on site. You can also snag Family Fun badges for Sunday at the low cost of $35. Children under 8 can attend Gen Con for free if accompanied by an attending adult.

4) Travel to Indianapolis – Our award-winning airport averages 135 daily departures to 39 nonstop destinations. GO Express Shuttle will be partnering with Gen Con for the third year in a row to offer shuttle service. Details about routes and scheduling will be available Tuesday, January 20 online at gencon.com and in that day’s email newsletter. If you are traveling from the Midwest, consider scheduling your trip on the Megabus, which drops you off in downtown Indianapolis.

5) Travel in and around Indianapolis – Last year, Indianapolis launched the widely successful Pacers Bikeshare program, which offers 250 yellow bicycles at 25 stations that can be rented for 30 minutes or all day to get you around town. These stations are available from 5 am to midnight and are conveniently located near the Cultural Trail and other key Gen Con events. Click here to find the locations and see pricing.

If your destination is further away or your hotel is not located downtown, take advantage of Uber rides for easy scheduling and pick ups. Download the Uber app to request a driver for yourself or your group of friends.

Whether you are local to Indianapolis or attending from a far, Gen Con is a truly unique experience that the whole family can enjoy. From filling Georgia Street with over 40 food trucks to navigating the exhibit hall with hundreds of gaming vendors, Gen Con 2015 is sure to be an event you don’t want to miss. Catch up with us in the next few months as we share more tips for making your Indianapolis visit the best one yet!

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Tinker Coffee Gives Indy a Jolt

Did you know, according to the National Coffee Association, 83% of Americans drink coffee? 

I’m certainly one of those who enjoy the smell, taste, and the overall process of getting a cup of java prepared.  I’m up at 6:20 am each morning to start my morning routine, which includes my morning cup.

Last week I altered my morning coffee routine, a painful process.  I commuted to work without my cup in hand.  In the end, it was well worth it.

Tinker Street Coffee IndianapolisI held out consuming my first cup until I visited with the owners of Tinker Coffee Co, a new storefront roaster located downtown Indy.

Steve Hall and Jeff Johnson are brothers-in-law, and co-founded and co-launched the gourmet roasting coffee company in November 2014.  They rehabbed a unique building on 16th street in the historic Herron-Morton Place district of Indy, converting the space into a cozy paradise for coffee lovers.  The centerpiece to this homemade roasting company is a 1991 coffee roaster, a machine they purchased from another roaster in Boulder, CO.

 Stepping into the space, you can smell the aroma of fresh coffee being ground, roasted, and poured.

 And, they take this process seriously, spending weeks researching where to buy the beans from, as there are more than 50 countries around the globe who grow coffee beans.

Coffee beans at Tinker Street Coffee IndianapolisSteve and Jeff educated me on coffee trees and their need to grow at high altitudes in a tropical climate where there is rich soil.  Namely, “in the Equatorial zone, between latitudes 25 degrees North and 30 degrees South.” How about that for knowing your product?

Besides location, other factors affect the quality and flavor of coffee. Variety of the plant, the chemistry of the soil, amount of rainfall and sunshine, and the precise altitude at which the coffee grows.

Being able to step inside an Indy coffee roaster and talk with those who have sourced and made your coffee bean is unique.  For instance, I love Hawaiian coffee, and have learned to also enjoy Guatemalan coffee too.  My morning jolt was a Guatemalan brew from the Huehuetenango region, and they even knew the elevation of the bean was 1,400 miles above sea level. 

You can peruse more than five different single-origin coffee beans currently on the shelves, and taste ahead of buying to ensure you get the perfect cup.

So, next time you are craving a cup of coffee, swing by Tinker Coffee and talk shop with Steve and Jeff.  You won’t regret the experience getting to your perfect cup.

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Art Comes to Life at the Indianapolis Museum of Art

When I go to museums, I often wonder what stories the paintings and artifacts could tell if they were alive. My imagination has only grown since the Night at the Museum movie. I simply want to somehow become part of the experience and interact with the displays.

IMAWurmErwin Wurm and the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) are making that a reality with a brand new exhibit called “Erwin Wurm: Euclidean Exercises.” The exhibit is unique because it allows for visitor interaction, where guests truly become the artwork. The IMA has had interactive exhibits in the past, but never one that relies on visitor participation. These pieces of art, called One Minute Sculptures, are formed from a brief set of instructions drawn on an empty platform and a set of props left by the internationally recognized artist, Erwin Wurm. Guests are encouraged to recreate the instructions with their own interpretations and hold the pose for a minute, creating a one-of-a-kind sculpture.

Wurm thought of the idea when he wanted to challenge the traditional notion that sculptures are static and unchanging. Wurm invites visitors to complete his work in the form of One Minute Sculptures, which become fleeting portraits, entirely unique to each visitor’s interpretation.

IMAWurm InstructionsThe IMA is encouraging guests to capture their One Minute Sculptures with a photograph and share it on social media using the hashtag, #IMAWurm. This will preserve your sculpture and allow you to view other guests’ interpretations of the sculptures. There will also be a photo stream located in the Efroymson Family Entrance Pavillion where guests will have the opportunity to view photos of previously created One Minute Sculptures.

The new interactive exhibit will be located in the Efroymson Family Entrance Pavilion as well as other locations around the IMA. There will also be more work by Erwin Wurm featured in various locations of the IMA including photos, videos, and static sculptures. The exhibit opens January 16 and will run through June 21.

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Harlem Globetrotters Take the Court in Indianapolis

45 Moose Weekes_16 Scooter Christensen_52 Big Easy Lofton_17 Sweet J Ekworomadu_2015 TourThe Harlem Globetrotters are true to their name, they trot around the globe, playing exhibition games in 120 different countries. Indianapolis is a stop on the map and they are excited to be back here to entertain an audience of mixed ages. Flight Time Lang has been with the Globetrotters for 16 years and after majoring in Physical Education and Health, his best moments off the court are when he visits children at school and shares with them the importance of just going out and playing, “It’s a lost art,” he tells me, “with all of the gizmos and gadgets.”

On Monday, January 19, head down to Bankers Life Fieldhouse as the team takes on the Washington Generals with their skills, antics, and comedic game-plays. Flight Time speaks fondly of his teammates, including Too Tall, the shortest player in team history and Sweet J, a very talented female teammate.

After the game, spectators are invited to take the court and pose for photographs and collect autographs from the team. Flight Time, a guard for the team loves hearing from parents who have brought their children to the game and remember being at the game as children themselves. Growing up in a small town in Arkansas, he wasn’t exposed to events
like the ones Indianapolis has to offer, “for us it was really special if we got to go on a trip to an amusement park”. In fact, it wasn’t until he took the court for the first time in Brussels, Belgium when he experienced a Globetrotters game.

Indy has so many opportunities to see world class games and performances. Grab your tickets today to see the Harlem Globetrotters at Bankers Life Fieldhouse on Monday, January 19 at 2 pm. Tickets start at $23 (+ fees).

Flight Time Lang wants to invite all fans to nominate a hometown hero. Visit the Harlem Globetrotter website and submit your nomination for an active, wounded or retired member of the military whose service and character have made Indianapolis proud. During each of their games, the Hometown Hero will be honored and a portion of the game is played using a camouflage basketball in honor of all of our heroes.


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The Fifth Annual Indianapolis Winter Magic Fest

With the holidays now behind us, the winter months of January and February are unfortunately here, bringing with them a frigid hex of gloom. Despite this, there will still quite literally be plenty of enchantment in the air this January, thanks to the 2015 Indianapolis Winter Magic Festival.

From Jan. 22 – 25, IndyFringe’s fifth annual event brings some of the world’s best magicians to the city, providing the entire family with a captivating arts experience. Several world-class entertainers will take part in the festival, including six of the eleven magicians who were chosen to represent North America in the International Federation of Magic Societies’ (FISM) World Championship of Magic (a World Cup-esque competition for magicians).

“The Indianapolis Winter Magic Festival began five years ago and it’s been a huge success,” says Pauline Moffat, IndyFringe’s Executive Director. “Indy is becoming a destination for magicians and fans of magic alike. We love magicians at IndyFringe. Every year, the magic acts at the IndyFringe Festival draw families with children as well as magic enthusiasts. And putting on this show helps IndyFringe in its mission to support and grow art in the Indianapolis area. We love to help artists and give them new spaces and events in which to stretch their wings.”

In addition to the six World Championship of Magic representatives, Oscar Muñoz and Eric DeCamps (both with international reputations) will be headlining the show and teaching workshops. To find out more about the Festival’s lineup of festivities, be sure and visit the IndyFringe website.

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Make MLK Day More Than a Day Off

Indianapolis has a long standing tradition of celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with a deep sense of gratitude and hope. From educational experiences to free health screenings to meaningful social justice volunteer opportunities, next Monday is so much more than a day off from work or school when you Visit Indy. Here’s a round up of the different free offerings in the city to celebrate America’s most week know civil rights hero.

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis 

Enjoy free admission all day at Indianapolis’ world class children’s museum. Also experience special activities, storytelling, and performances by The Griot Drum Ensemble and Epiphany Dance Collective.

Conner Prairie Interactive History Park

Receive free admission all day at Conner Prairie. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the nature of peaceful protests by viewing photos of past and modern-day protests, painting a mural depicting civil rights protest scenes and engaging in discussions. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech will also be screened throughout the day.

White River State Park 

The following White River State Park attractions will be offering FREE admission when you donate one non-perishable food item per person (given to Gleaner’s food bank). Many of the destinations will also be offering special activities to celebrate the day.

  • Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art 10 am – 5 pm
  • Indiana State Museum 10 am – 5 pm. Be sure to check out all of the special events! There were too many to list here but my favorite is that cisitors will get a close look at two landmark documents in American history — the 13th Amendment and the Emancipation Proclamation, both signed by Abraham Lincoln.
  • Indianapolis Zoo 9 am – 4 pm
  • IMAX Theater in the Indiana State Museum FREE movie as space allows. Island of Lemurs: 11:25 am and 12:50, 2:15, 3:40 and 5 pm.
  • NCAA Hall of Champions 10 am – 5 pm, free activities and chances to win NCAA gear.
  • The Indianapolis Indians will sponsor a special interactive booth at the Indiana State Museum from 10 am to 2 pm and Rowdie will even be there from 11 a.m. until noon. PLUS Eskenazi Health will offer FREE health screenings in the Great Hall on Level One during the same time and participants will receive a voucher good for a ticket to April 9th’s Opening Game at Victory Field.

Rhythm Discovery Center

Rhythm! Discovery Center

Not only can you get in for free from 10 am to 5 pm, but you can also hear a special presentation of the Indianapolis Jazz Foundation about Indianapolis’ jazz tradition and Indiana Avenue.

Indianapolis Museum of Art

On Sunday January 18th (a day before), the Indianapolis Museum of Art will offer free admission and a special program entitled Speaking of Love. Indianapolis writers, poets, musicians, and artists of every kind will gather together to celebrate Dr. King’s legacy.

Indiana Historical Society

You can both learn and give back at the Indiana History Center. From 10 am to 2 pm,  take part in the National Day of Service by packing care packages to benefit the Wheeler Mission. Throughout operational hours (10 am to 5 pm), don’t miss the opportunity to visit the You Are There 1939: Healing Bodies, Changing Minds exhibit featuring the story of Indianapolis physician Dr. Harvey Middleton and check out the other discussions and experiences throughout the museum. Admission is free.

What other MLK events are going on in the city that I left out? Leave them in the comments. Don’t let this special holiday pass by without honoring and celebrating Dr. King’s dream.

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Ten Years of Devour Downtown

Just last month my husband of 10 years and I were talking about life before children and babysitters. “I wish we had enjoyed more time trying out different restaurants and new food and drinks,” I shared.

Luckily, all of us have one of the best opportunities this month when downtown Indy heats up with the 10th anniversary of Devour Downtown, starting on January 19! This ten day festival of food is  Indianapolis’ version of restaurant week and everyone will be there – visitors, locals, families, singles, young professionals.devour downtown cheese cake katy mann

In the past ten years, Devour Downtown has grown by leaps and bounds; over 75 restaurants will participate this year, offering a special value priced menu that highlights some of their best dishes. Each restaurant offers a three course menu with choices that will delight taste buds of everyone who eats.

Looking for Lunch?

The Ember Urban Eatery menu features several entree selections with a choice of a side item and a beverage for only $9 per person. The blackened fish sandwich, brisket sandwich, and vegetarian black bean burger are among entree choices.

Pizzology Craft Pizza and Pub will serve up meals for two for $30. The first course allows each person to choose from their chop salad or a cup of house-made tomato soup. Share a pizza (margarita, pepperoni, brussels sprout or lombardy pizza bianca) and finish by splitting a zeppole for two.

Headed out for Dinner?

As for dinner locations, two people eat for $32 at the Severin Bar at the Omni Severin Hotel. Select two local draft beers and then choose one of these “small bites” appetizers to share: cage free deviled eggs with herb mayo, Indiana bacon or BBQ chicken flat bread with smoked gouda, pickled onions & peppers or steak tacos featuring flank steak, salsa rona, queso fresco and house pickled local jalapenos. Each person can finish big with an item from the Big Bites menu. Enjoy the dry-rub baby back ribs with smoked mac-n-cheese or the quinoa & chickpea burger with goat cheese, arugula, roasted tomato, stoneground mustard or a mustard ale cheddar melt with bacon, caramelized onions,  and beer Jam. See the menu at the 1913 Restaurant, also located at the Omni.

devour downtown omni bar drinks katy mannTwo people will a three course meal for $35 at the Slippery Noodle. Start your night with french onion soup or a dinner salad and then dig into your serving of a three ounce filet medallion with a rosemary demi-glaze and a loaded baked potato, satisfy that sweet tooth with their yummy turtle cheesecake.

No matter your budget, no matter the crowd you travel with, Devour Downtown has an establishment where the fare and the people will suit your tastes. Be sure to check out all of the menus before you head out. When making reservations and arriving at the restaurant, be sure they know that you would like to order from the Devour Downtown menu.


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Looking Back: 2014 in Indy Instagrams

2014 has been one heck of a year. Between two new pro sports teams (Go Fuel & Indy Eleven!), countless restaurants and brewery openings, Pacers Bikeshare, and an inaugural IndyCar race, 2014 will be a tough one to top.

Follow along below as I share some of our favorite Instagram moments in 2014.

The Views

Baseball season has arrived. Opening day for the @IndyIndians! #loveindy

A photo posted by Visit Indy (@visitindy) on

Bright lights & sunsets. #loveindy

A photo posted by Visit Indy (@visitindy) on

The Grub

Nothing like a bento box at @ceruleanindy to kick off the holidays.

A photo posted by Visit Indy (@visitindy) on


When @foundryindy does oats, they do 'em right: steel cut, with blueberries, cream & brown sugar on the side.

A photo posted by Visit Indy (@visitindy) on

New in 2014

Nothing better than soccer at sunset. Did you make it to the inaugural @IndyEleven season opener?

A photo posted by Visit Indy (@visitindy) on

It's official: #Indy is now home to bikeshare!

A photo posted by Visit Indy (@visitindy) on

So pumped for the inaugural #GPofIndy this weekend at the @indianapolismotorspeedway!

A photo posted by Visit Indy (@visitindy) on

Proud home of the largest all-electric car sharing program in the country. Welcome to Indy, @Blueindy_us!

A photo posted by Visit Indy (@visitindy) on

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28 Fun Things To Do in Indianapolis

Canal Walk Visit Indy

Looking for something to do while you’re visiting Indy? Here are 28 things that will allow you to truly experience our ever-evolving City.

1. Ride your bike or borrow one of ours from the Pacers BikeshareBike the Cultural Trail, the Monon Trail and the Canal Walk.

2. Dine and drink in Fletcher Place; home to BluebeardRook and Hotel Tango Artisan Distillery.

3. Tour the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum.

4. Have a cocktail. Local guide advice: Cocktail with a view: Plat 99. Cocktail like a regular: Ball and Biscuit. Cocktail at a hotel: Severin Bar.

5. Visit the City County Building Observation Deck. You’ll enjoy a view 26 stories up. Open Monday – Friday from 10:00 a.m. – 3 p.m.

6. Go for a downtown run. Be sure to check out our many memorials along the way.

7. Go to Chatham Tap on Mass Ave. Order montauks, wings with house sauce and the burger. Consider the downtown run above after this adventure.

8. Brunch in Indy. Don’t miss these places dedicated to using local ingredients: Milktooth known for their Sweet Tea Fried Chicken and made-from-scratch pastries, Cafe Patachou known for their omelettes and cinnamon french toast, and City Cafe known for their simple take on the classics like eggs, bacon and french toast.

9. Lunch on Mass Ave at R Bistro for the panini with bacon, at Yats for the creole, at Bru Burger for the Three Cheese Garlic Burger and amazing salads, and at Bazbeaux for the some of Indy’s best pizza.

10. Take in a quirky show at Theatre on the Square on Mass Ave or at the Phoenix Theatre just off Mass Ave.

11. Drink a German beer, the size of your head, at The Rathskeller.

12. Spend a day at White River State Park and its many attractions including the Indiana State Museum, the Indianapolis Zoo and the NCAA Hall of Champions.

13. Head east to the Irvington neighborhood, 5 miles from downtown Indy, for a haunted tour and Indy’s 2014 Best Brewery, Black Acre Brewing.

14. Get the scoop on Monument Circle by visiting South Bend Chocolate Company for a cone of ice cream and other treats.

15. Check out the Fountain Square neighborhood, just 1.5 miles southeast of downtown Indy, for great, live music at the White Rabbit, Radio Radio and The Hi-Fi. Don’t miss out on sipping amazing ciders and mead at New Day Craft, too.

16. Sleepy? Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee in Fletcher Place will wake you up.

17. Dance, dance, dance. South Meridian Street in downtown Indy is the place to be. Local guide advice: check out Ike & Jonsey’s for a mixed crowd and music from a multitude of eras.

18. Karaoke at Living Room Lounge on a Friday night.

19. Take in the sights at Crown Hill Cemetery.

20. Be artsy at the Indianapolis Museum of ArtThis museum also boasts 100 Acres, an outdoor art experience and walking trails.

21. Drink more local brew! There are 31 breweries in Central Indiana to choose from.

22. Go shopping. Indy has what you’re looking for from our locally owned shops to our malls. Here is a great listing for you. Local guide advice: High-end: The Fashion Mall. Downtown mall: Circle Centre. Local shopping downtown: Mass Ave. Other local shopping hot spots: Broad Ripple and Zionsville.

23. Don’t miss the world’s largest Children’s Museum, located just a few miles north of downtown Indy.

24. Sign up for a historic tour with Indiana Landmarks.

25. Play at our parks including Ft. Benjamin Harrison State Park, Garfield Park and its conservatory, Holliday Park and more.

26. Go golfing.

27. Go to a game. Don’t miss the Indianapolis Colts, the Indiana Pacers, the AAA Indianapolis Indians (great ball park!), Indy’s soccer team Indy Eleven and Indy Fuel, our newest hockey team.

28. Need real-time advice? Tweet us at @VisitIndy and visit our site, or check out these calendars: IndyHub, Do317 and Around Indy.

All in all, I challenge you to experience Indy like a local. I hope you find this list random and helpful! Tweet me some of your favorite ideas @natalieclayton1.


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