Tomlinson Tap Room is Truly Unique

Tomlinson Tap Room Indianapolis

This past weekend, I was given a sneak peak at the new Tomlinson Tap Room in the Historic City Market here in downtown Indianapolis, and let me get to the point- it was awesome.

Picture a beautiful bar, reconditioned from materials found all over the state, serving only craft beers from Indiana that is perfectly perched above a bustling marketplace below and you are starting to get a feel for the Tap Room.

Placed in the historic landmark that is City Market, Tomlinson Tap Room is one of the most unique places in Indianapolis to grab a beer.  Your typical stuffy booths are replaced by wide open tables and the loud music that is oft present at your everyday watering hole is replaced by the soundtrack of mercantile transaction.

If you are anywhere near downtown, this is one place you should absolutely check out and if you’re not, it’s definitely worth the trip, as you can always expect 16 Indiana brewed craft brews, great conversation and a beer drinking environment like no other.

The grand opening of the Tomlinson Tap Room begins tomorrow, November 24, at 12 p.m. and runs until 9 p.m.

Word on the street is that they will have some of the following brews on tap: Ram S’no Angel Weizenbock, Mad Anthony Gabby Blonde, Three Floyds Aeotearoa, Sun King Sun Ripple ESB, Brugge Triple, Upland Komodo Dragon, Power House Diesel Oil Stout and much more.

Come thirsty!


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