Models Wanted: Be the Face of Indianapolis

The Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association, Indianapolis Downtown Inc., Develop Indy and the City of Indianapolis are looking for some fresh faces to represent the diverse mix of people that form the fabric of our city. As the primary entities charged with marketing our city we share a common need. All of us need photography that accurately represents what Indianapolis is all about. In an effort to keep these images as authentic as possible we’re reaching out to real people and asking if you’d be interested in taking time out of your schedule to participate in a coordinated photo shoot. The end product would be used in print publications and online by each group as we collectively try to sell our fine city.

Think you’ve got the look? If so, please send a recent photograph of yourself and a brief explanation as to why you think you’re face of Indianapolis to


  • Schedule: Shoots will take place between August 1-12 based on weather. Please indicate if you have availability in the morning. Each shoot will take 2-4 hours.
  • Themes: Please indicate if you have a particular interest in one or more of the following themes – Fit In Indy, Green Indy, Everyday Life in the City, Outdoor Dining.
  • Age Range: Seeking individuals 21 or over from all ethnic backgrounds.
  • Compensation: There will be no monetary compensation. However, you will get your hair and make-up professionally done, get to participate in a fun and exciting photo shoot around the city with professional photographers and get to represent Indianapolis to people across the country and around the world.

Submissions must be received by July 15 for consideration.

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  • Chuck Gose

    Any reason you’re only looking for 21 and older?

  • Jeff Robinson

    Finding children who will work for free is quite easy and didn’t require a public call for volunteers (plus we wanted to avoid getting flooded with photos of people’s kids). We have that demographic covered so it was really only adults that we needed help recruiting.

  • angie

    Did the deadline change to today from the 15th? Seen in a twitter post that the deadline is today -

  • Jeff Robinson

    Deadline is still the 15th. I’m not sure what that Twitter post was about.

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