Super Cars Race into Indy for the Big Game

As a Super Bowl Host Committee chair I’ve had the opportunity to do some neat things, but the program we announced this week is at the top of my list. We are working with the Indy Racing Experience to wrap 33 Indy Cars with NFL graphics to showcase the week of Super Bowl XLVI. One car will be themed specifically for the Super Bowl and the NFL. The other 32 will represent each NFL franchise, so there will be a car for every fan.

Here is a quick rundown of how this will work.

Stage 1: On Friday, January 27, the cars will be lined up on Meridian Street (between the Monument and Georgia Street) for everyone to enjoy. This is an ideal time for locals or those seeking a quick getaway to enjoy the Super Bowl Village, and this is your only chance to see all of the cars together. Hotels are still available!

Stage 2: On Tuesday, January 31, they will be packed up and moved to Indianapolis Motor Speedway for a media kickoff event.

Stage 3: Following the media event cars will be scattered to Super Celebration Sites across Central Indiana and other iconic Indy destinations. They will be in place by Thursday, February 2. Sample locations include Carmel’s Palladium, the Murphy Building in Fountain Square, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and a host of Simon Malls. They will remain in these locations throughout Super Bowl weekend. Check the Host Committee website closer to the game for a final list of locations.

Once the cars are in place we will initiate a scavenger hunt utilizing FourSquare on the Super Bowl app. Visitors can check in at each location and potentially earn rewards. An ultimate prize will also be assembled for the first person to check in at all 33 cars.

I visited the new Dallara factory (an incredible facility!) in Speedway this afternoon to preview the first 11 cars and they look absolutely awesome. Based on how we stopped traffic on Main Street today I can only image the attention these iconic cars will garner Super Bowl week.

65 days and counting!

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