Last Minute Gift Ideas in Indianapolis

Wait, what's in 5 days? Oh, Christmas.

Christmas is less than 5 days away and if you’re like me, you still have a couple of people to buy gifts for, but many of the initial – and probably unoriginal – gift ideas you had in mind are becoming harder to find.

A few weeks back I wrote about my ultimate Indianapolis gift list which is full of only-in-Indianapolis gift ideas that are perfect to put under your tree this season.

But as the clock winds down to the jolliest of holidays and the need to quickly find an amazing gift increases, here are eight last minute original and local gift ideas that won’t disappoint and will let you finish your holiday shopping in style.

Indianapolis Dining Cards 

For anyone who loves food, and I’m assuming just about everyone reading this post does, this pack of Indianapolis Dining Cards is a great find. Not only does this pack have certificates to more than 50 local – yes local, not Applebee’s – restaurants, but a portion of the sales go to the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital as well. What’s not to love about that?!

Shirts From Hayes & Taylor

Everyone loves a comfy t-shirt. And everyone REALLY loves a great looking and comfy t-shirt. Enter Hayes & Taylor…

H&T is a vintage t-shirt company located right here in Indianapolis, and some of their best work in my humble opinion is their Indiana/Indianapolis-inspired shirts. Check them out online and place an order, or you can head to Homespun in Irvington to check out their selection.

NOTE: While you’re there, take a look at everything else at Homespun. Actually, go ahead and add their entire store inventory to this list.

2012 PUP Flake Ornament

I’m a BIG fan of the folks over at People For Urban Progress (PUP), a local nonprofit that advances public transit, environmental awareness, and urban design. They are also artists, awesome ones as a matter of fact.

A few years back when they demolished the RCA Dome in downtown Indy, there was a ton of material that made up the dome roof that was about to be thrown away. Then, PUP came in and found beautiful and practical ways to recycle all of that material.

They have a ton of great products that I’ve talked about before, but a great last minute gift is this year’s PUP Dome Flake- a beautifully simple handcrafted tree ornament made from the same material.

Gift of the Growler 

I love beer. Fresh. Local. Beer. And Indianapolis has a ton of it that yearns to be consumed. For that craft beer lover in your family, pick them up a growler at one of our great Indy breweries and add more cheer to the holidays!

240 Sweet Marshmallows

Bacon, Maple & Toffee marshmallows. Those four words are all I need to explain the awesomeness of the local artisan marshmallow makers over at 240 Sweet. Go see what I’m talking about, now.

Naplab Poster

Indianapolis has a ton of history that reaches far beyond the limits of downtown Indianapolis and in to the neighborhoods that made the city what it is today. After two years of dedicated research in to decades of history and public records, Naplab introduced the Neighborhoods of Indianapolis Map.

This piece, which is more of a contemporary work of art than map, is an awesome gift for anyone that has a special place in their heart for the Circle City.

Anything From The Smoking Goose

If you’ve talked to any foodie in Indianapolis, you’ve most likely heard of Goose the Market. The Smoking Goose is the brainchild of the restaurateur who opened the original Goose and is the wholesale production facility that provides locally sourced meat and charcuterie to the market and many other places.

You can stop by a few days a week and see what’s fresh, like duck sausage, lamb bacon, prosciutto and dozens of other tasty, meaty treats.

Think craft brewery, but with meat.

Hoosier Mama Bloody Mary Mix

There are typically two types of people in this world: those who love a good Bloody Mary and those who despise them. I used to be in the latter category until I tried this wonderful cocktail mix.

Whether you want to give a few jars to those who love the drink or just want to get one for yourself to consume after doing all of this local shopping, Hoosier Mama is amazing, local, vegan, gluten-free and it will keep all of the grandparents at your Sunday get togethers gabbing for hours.

Or it will make listening to them much easier.

Happy Holidays from Indianapolis!

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  • Jeff Robinson

    Love the Indiana T-shirts. The “Norman Dale Basketball Camp” shirt must be mine. Of course, the gift of meat and/or beer is always a welcome treat.

    • Cherie from Queen of Free

      YES, Go Hickory!

  • Cherie from Queen of Free

    240 Sweet, FTW. Salted Carmel, yo. Or Elephant Ear. Or anything else on the list.

  • Nathan Miller

    Very solid list and thank you for sharing and supporting local, warm businesses!