We’ve Always Known Indy was Tops for Spring Break

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Cheerleading comes easy to me. You might even say that it’s in my blood. My grandfather was a cheerleader, my mother was a cheerleader, and I spent three years in a Varsity cheerleading uniform. Whew, that kinda felt like true confessions. Give me a second to recompose myself. *Better.*

Oftentimes, I find myself a cheerleader for Indy. Not in the “We’ve got spirit yes we do!” sort of fashion. More in the “Seriously, you need to visit our city with your family.” Every time I talk to ancollege friend looking to whisk their family away for a Spring Break Getaway. Every time, I catch up with friend from my cheerleading days in high school thinking about a weekend trip. Every time, I chat with a blogger who hails from another city planning a summer vacation. Pretty much every time I turn around, I’m cheering for others to Visit Indy.

You’d expect a cheerleader to be all for her city, but others are noticing, too. In fact, Livability.com recently named Indianapolis One of the Top 10 Spring Break Destinations for Families 2013. {They also named Indy’s Downtown #1 which *almost* makes me want to start droning “Scoreeeeeboarrrrrd . . .” but I’ll spare you}. The rankings were based on affordability {families gotta budget, yo}, travel amenities {don’t you EVEN think about booking a hotel without a pool}, family fun destinations {Can you say world’s best Children’s Museum? NCAA Hall of Champions? Indianapolis Zoo? Caribbean Cove? Pacers? Colts? Fever? Indians? Conner Prairie? Circle Centre? Indianapolis Motor Speedway? *gasp* and realize I’ve left off 15 of my other favs.}, & kid friendly restaurants.

Bottom line, they’ve got it right. Indianapolis is a Spring Break haven for families. There’s no need to worry about scantily clad co-eds getting plowed in front of little Johnny. You can skip the overcrowded amusement destinations. You won’t have to cash in your kid’s college fund to pay to park. And best of all you’ll create memories that will last forever.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be putting together some travel itineraries for families visiting Indianapolis on Spring Break – where to stay, what to see, and my picks for yummy food. Whether you’ve got a preschooler, a teen or tween, or any stage in between, you won’t want to miss my favorite ways to have a great time and save a buck when you Visit Indy on Spring Break.

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